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About Us

Nicoli Construction employs a sophisticated operating model, an expert workforce and new technologies, to challenge the status quo of the industry.

We invest in continuous learning and adopting best practice. We pay attention to the small details, monitor our work and use customer feedback, to drive continuous improvement. We enjoy a reputation among industry leaders for being able to deliver and construct complex, high end structures. We aim to transform the construction experience through innovation, digital application and professional excellence.

But above all, we value our customers.

We want to provide the best customer experience across NSW; whether you’re looking for a Sydney Metro, Northern Beaches or Eastern Suburbs construction company.

And to support this, we’ve placed the customer at the very core of our organisational values.

The essence of how we operate across all our service areas is to recruit people who subscribe to the same ethos and are committed to serving our valued customers

This means you can expect us to:

  • Give the time and care it takes to understand what is important to you
  • Listen to your specific needs and adapt accordingly
  • Communicate clearly about what is being done and when
  • Always deliver against project objectives and on our promises
  • Reduce time spent on ‘non-optimal’ activities that take time away from building
  • Be accountable if things go wrong and act urgently to resolve any issues

our mission

We care about our customers; we work hard to exceed their expectations and we take great pride in our work.

We have extensive experience working with Sydney Metro, Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs construction companies, contractors and builders to provide formwork, steel fixing and concreting services for all types of building projects.

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